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Tourism & Culture

"Blessing in Miaoli, Shining in the World."


 Miaoli County features cultural essence and rich tourism resources, embracing multi-ethnic groups of Fukienese, Hakka, and indigenous tribes. Simply put, it is a naturally created paradise, a healthy city apt for living and traveling.


 The establishment of a city’s image lies in the overall representation of internal essence of life and external appearance. Put differently, it centers on the whole cultural representation. A city’s culture signifies the unique characteristics and inhabitants’ living quality for that city. It goes without saying that tourism industry is currently the best choice full of opportunities for Miaoli County. It is the hope of Miaoli County that along with tourism resources, rich cultural essence will help promote tourism development to realize the dream of healthy city for Miaoli County. Accordingly, the newly formed Culture and Tourism Bureau aiming for creative thinking dedicates to create a new image for Miaoli County’s culture and tourism and consequently attract spectators from home and abroad to travel to Miaoli, helping booming the slumping global economy.


 The Culture and Tourism Bureau, formerly known as the Culture Bureau, has dedicated huge efforts in promoting various kinds of cultural constructions, bringing great success in upgrading functions of public library, holding Miaoli Dream Flower Literature Creation Award Competition, strengthening functions of Wood Sculpture Museum, upgrading woodcarving creation arts, promoting local art and cultural activities, promoting community overall creation, discovering important cultural resources, facilitating restoration and reuse, holding various art exhibitions and performances, recruiting and training of volunteers, as well as holding culture and art festivals.


 To meet the demands embedded in the establishment of Culture and Tourism Bureau, along with hardware and software of cultural constructions, we continue to locate community humanity as our foundation, via multi-culture and creative industry as our base for projecting future visions. Meanwhile, we aim to continuously promote “Internationalization of Festival Culture,” “Upgrading of Countryside Vacation,” “Promotion of Miaoli Gourmet Products,” and “Systematization of Tourism Marketing.” Furthermore, we will soon improve software and hardware tourism facilities, compose short-term, mid-term, and long-term tourism development plans, organize tourism festival activities, design tourism service center, as well as construct cultural tourism marketing plan and information providing system in order to create local competition priority and promote tourism industry uniqueness. In addition, we will endeavor in upgrading service quality of home stay and leisure tourism industry, developing unique tourism package tours, and promoting cultural tourism business in an attempt to generate instant publicity, marching Miaoli County into the vision of international tourism.


 Moreover, in order to strengthen the functions of Culture and Tourism Bureau, our goal is to well integrate culture and tourism—fusing tourism with cultural essence and blending culture into tourism marketing, one complimenting the other and resulting in the maximum effect.

Updated:2023-11-24 PM 04:14:31
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