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Miaoli Cultural Park

Miaoli Cultural Park
Miaoli Cultural Park

  Miaoli Cultural Park, formerly an army maintenance depot, was renovated into Miaoli Yingxiang Park in 2005. In June 2013, it was renamed Miaoli Cultural Park. Originally dedicated to promoting Miaoli County’s unique camphor oil, lemongrass oil, and bitter tea oil industries—representative of the region’s early traditional economy—the park has preserved old refining equipment for visitors to observe. In the future, the park will develop the “Miaoli Pottery” brand, using the Miaoli Pottery Museum as its base. Grounded in the local community, it will conduct field surveys of kilns and ceramic artists, organize exhibitions, holiday markets, artist residencies, open pottery workshops, lead in ceramic art education, and form a network of ceramic communities and brands.

  • Phone: Miaoli Pottery Museum: 037-233121
  • Phone: Miaoli County Farmers’ Association: 037-725719
  • Fax: 037-728218
  • How To Get Here:
    Miaoli Cultural Park is located on Provincial Highway 6 in Gongguan Township, Miaoli County. It is approximately five kilometers from Miaoli City and just over three kilometers from.
    Address: No. 352, Neighborhood 14, Guannan Village, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County 36347
    • [By Car]
      National Highway 1 -> Miaoli Interchange -> Toward Gongguan -> Miaoli Cultural Park (formerly Miaoli Yingxiang Park).
    • [Public Transportation]
      Bus: Take HsinChu Transportation from Miaoli Station (next to Miaoli Train Station) and board a bus heading towards Dahu. Alight at “Miaoli Cultural Park Station.”
      High-Speed Rail Shuttle: From Miaoli High-Speed Rail Station, take the 101B Taiwan Miaoli Station-Shei-Pa National Park shuttle bus and get off at “Miaoli Cultural Park Station.”
  • Opening Hours:
    Free admission throughout the park, closed on Mondays.
    Miaoli Pottery Museum: 9:00 to 17:00 (Last admission at 16:45, to maintain visitation quality).
  • Park Introduction:
    • Miaoli Pottery Museum:
      Miaoli Pottery Museum brings together thousands of ceramic artifacts and works rich in the history, culture, and lifestyle characteristics of Miaoli. The museum features thematic exhibitions on “Miaoli, the home of pottery”, “showcasing the craftsmanship of veteran potters over 60 years”, “the diverse expressions of Miaoli ceramics”, “the charm of wine jars” and “decorative ceramics”, “the interaction of kilns”, “Miaoli’s pottery-making techniques”, and “innovative modern wood-fired ceramics, rooted in tradition”. These exhibition areas present the rustic, inclusive, and diverse development of Miaoli ceramics.
    • Miaoli Kiln:
      Viewed from the outside, it resembles a cave—a wood-fired tunnel kiln. After continuous wood firing for 72 hours, the temperature inside the kiln rises to approximately 1,200 to 1,250 degrees Celsius. As the wood ash melts, it drips down. This, combined with the metal oxides inherent in the clay and the varying placement of the pottery, results in unique glaze patterns for each piece.
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