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  The Bureau is in charge of collection, display, publication, promotion, conservation and use of cultural relics, artworks, artifacts, literature, cultural heritages, information related to ethnic development and historic materials. In addition, the Bureau also manages cultural foundations and operates public libraries. The functions of subordinate sections and offices of the Bureau are listed below:

Organization and Functions
Cultural Resources Section
  • Responsible for cultural facilities, counseling, and promoting museums and cultural/creative industries
  • Management of the Cultural Foundation
  • Domestic and international museum exchanges and other matters associated with cultural resources
Cultural Heritage Section
  • In charge of the designation, registration, announcement, abolition, change, investigation, research, promotion, preservation, and revitalization of tangible and intangible cultural assets
  • Environmental assessment, integration, and redevelopment of cultural assets and other matters associated with the management of cultural assets
Exhibition and Performing Arts Section
  • Management of the operation of performing arts halls, art galleries, and museums
  • Training and management of cultural volunteers
  • Review and counseling of public art
  • Promotion, information collection, research, and exchange of visual and performing arts
  • Management, support, guidance, and awards for cultural workers or performing arts organizations, and other matters associated with cultural arts
Hakka Affairs Section
  • Management of the development of Hakka cultural and language heritage
  • Development and marketing promotion of the Hakka cultural industry
  • Collection and preservation of Hakka cultural relics and historical literature
  • National language contact outlet and other Hakka-related affairs
Tourism Management Section
  • Responsible for the guidance and management of travel, lodging, recreation, hot spring, and other tourism industries
  • Management of water recreation activities
  • Counseling and management of campsites
  • Supervision and management of scenic areas and tourist attractions
  • Management plans and maintenance of public hot spring pipelines and other matters associated with tourism management
Tourism Development Section
  • Matters associated with tourism development, such as the planning, design, and building of construction projects for tourist attractions and tourist service facilities
Tourism Promotion Section
  • Planning and promotion of the county's tourism development strategies
  • Organization of special tourism festivals and events
  • Domestic and international tourism exhibition promotion and cooperation, as well as travel itinerary development for domestic and international tourism
  • Operation, management, and reception of visitor centers
  • Travel information system construction and marketing promotion
  • Counseling and promotion of community building and other tourism marketing affairs
General Affairs Section
  • Eneral affairs, property management, management of technicians and janitors, documentation, cashier, research and development and other affairs.
Personnel Office
  • Management of human resources
Accounting Office
  • Annual budgeting, accounting and statistics
Civil Ethics Office
  • Management of civil ethics.
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