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 The Bureau is in charge of collection, display, publication, promotion, conservation and use of cultural relics, artworks, artifacts, literature, cultural heritages, information related to ethnic development and historic materials. In addition, the Bureau also manages cultural foundations and operates public libraries. The functions of subordinate sections and offices of the Bureau are listed below:

 Organization and Functions
Museum Management Section
  • Operation and management of museums in the county, including museums of local folk art, theme museums and galleries.
  • Operation and management of performing venues, museums and galleries
  • Recruitment and training of volunteers
  • Promotion of public art, visual art and performing art
  • Management and cultivation of artists and artist groups
Exhibition and Performing Arts Section
  • Performing Arts Activities
  • Subsidization to Art Groups
  • Art Exhibitions & Subsidization
  • International Art Festivals
  • Performing Arts & Cultural Industry Counselling and Management in Miaoli County
Arts Promotion Section
  • Promotion of community culture
  • Township cultural activities
  • Promotion of folk culture
  • Management of cultural foundation
Cultural Heritage Section
  • Collection, display, publication and conservation of literature and relics
  • Conservation and reapplication of traditional architecture, tribes and historic sites
  • Preservation of folk arts
  • Promotion of local art and cultural activities
Tourism Promotion Section
  • Planning of Tourist Development Projects
  • Investigation of Tourist Resources & Human Resources Training
  • Planning & Promotion of Tourist Activities & Festivals
  • Planning of Tourist Information & Data Collection
  • Establishment & Maintenance of Cultural & Tourist IT System
  • Management of Tourist Centers
Tourism Section
  • Construction Planning and Budgeting Approval of Construction for Tourist Purpose
  • Approval and Transfer of Hot Spring Area Management Projects
  • Evaluation and Approval of Civil Participation in the Building of Public Tourist Recreational Facilities
  • Establishment, Approval & Transfer of Tourist Industry and Tourist Area
  • Approval & Transfer of the Establishment of Travel Agencies
  • Supervision on the Management & Maintenance of the County-Level Scenic Spots and Tourist Areas
  • Application and Management of Hot Spring Certificates
  • Application, Alteration, Counceling and Inspection of Hotel and B&B Industry
Creative and Cultural Industry Section
  • Integrate and innovatively plan the local traditional and craft industries
  • Promote and develop the cross-field integration and innovation of the local traditional and craft industries
  • rganize all kinds of courses, seminars, and activities regarding creative living art
  • Design the marketing strategies and organize promotion plans for cultural and creative industry
  • Execute the resource investigation project of cultural and creative industry in Miaoli County
  • Execute the Miaoli cuisine certification, promotion, and marketing
  • Organize and plan major events and conferences
General Affairs Section
  • Eneral affairs, property management, management of technicians and janitors, documentation, cashier, research and development and other affairs.
Personnel Office
  • Management of human resources
Accounting Office
  • Annual budgeting, accounting and statistics
Civil Ethics Office
  • Management of civil ethics.
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