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About the Director

Director-general_LIN, Yan-Fu
Director-general: LIN, Yen-Fu
  • Present:
    • Director-general of Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
  • Educational Attainment:
    • Master's degree in Tourism, Providence University
    • Master's degree in Hakka Society and Culture, College of Hakka Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
  • Experience:
    • Deputy Director of Labor and Youth Development Department, Miaoli County Government
    • Deputy Director-General of Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
    • Chief/Secretary of International Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
    • Section Assistant/Chief of Tourism Section, Public Works and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
  • Training:
    • Overseas tour group leader training in the tourism industry, organized by the Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C (English Section)
    • Tour guide training class, organized by Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C (Chinese Section)
    • Procurement professional personnel's training (basic)
    • Accreditation Training Program for Internal Instructors among Public Sectors
    • Seed talent training of public works quality control - Basic course in engineering quality control
    • Local leader research course
    • Passed the training for senior rank service officer
    • Culture Administration Education Program, National Taiwan University of Arts
  • Future outlook:
      Executives and staff of the Bureau have strong educational backgrounds and a great deal of experience. We are working closely as a team to integrate and promote two important national policies: the “Old Mountain Line Cross-region Highlight Railbike Project” and the “National Tai-three Romantic Avenue Project.” We also promote community renaissance, encourage young people to return to and contribute to their hometowns, preserve and manage cultural heritage, work on the Hakka cultural renaissance, create a tourism environment for both urban and rural areas, build communities and ecological museums, and cultivate social enterprises. We are dedicated to working on all these things. Never stop learning. Fix every mistake, and spare no effort to do things right.
Updated:2024-02-05 PM 03:41:46
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