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Recommended trips

Stroll Through Charming Tongluo Balancing agriculture and industry, Tongluo Township in Miaoli County boasts abundant farms and produce, lively town streets, and picturesque landscapes. Responding to the needs of industrial and science parks, and benefiting from a convenient transportation network, Tongluo Township has created a favorable environment for leisure and tourism.

  • Recommended Itinerary
    • Day 1: Natural Woods (天然奇木) (Handicraft experience) → Cheeyen Camphor (Camphor Production Shack - Guided Tour) → Calocedrus Formosana Plantations (IG Worthy Photo Spot) → Lunch in Tongluo District →Ramune Factory Museum → Twin Peaks Tea House (Dorayaki Afternoon Tea) → Overnight at Downshifters House in Tongluo
    • Day 2: Tongluo Market (Breakfast) → Stroll through Tongluo Old Street → Shuangfeng Mountain Trail (Ecological Exploration) → Tong Luo Kiln → Totoro Uncle (Photo Opportunity) → Return
    Natural Woods(Handicraft experience) Twin Peaks Tea House Overnight_at_Downshifters_House_in_Tongluo Tong_Luo_Kiln

Explore Hakka Village - A Brief Trip to Xihu Farming Town Xihu Township
is a tranquil and simple Hakka farming community, surrounded by green fields, serene blue mountains and white clouds.
A rich sense of human warmth echoes through these rural landscapes. Coupled with convenient transport links, it’s an ideal destination for a leisurely and peaceful weekend getaway with your family.

  • Recommended Itinerary
    • Day 1: Xihu Township Tourist Information Center → Commercial Street (Old Street Exploration) → Wulong Temple (Mazu Stone Carvings) → Green Scenery Integrated Farm (綠景複合農園) (Agricultural Experience) → Lunch at Tourist Information Center (Local Snacks / DIY Hakka Sweet Dumplings) → Cruising ride on an electric sightseeing bus (Roaming the Heart of Xihu) → Pomelo Home Stay (Overnight)
    • Day 2: Pomelo Mountain Trail (子山步道) (Hiking) → Campagne (DIY Pizza + Lunch) → Jinlong Kiln or Seasonal Fruit Picking → Return
    Xihu Township Tourist Information Center Green Scenery Integrated Farm Cruising ride on an electric sightseeing bus Jinlong Kiln or Seasonal Fruit Picking

Fun in Tai’an - A Light Cultural and Culinary Journey in Su Mulin Camping is gaining popularity, and Tai’an Township in Miaoli County has caught onto this trend. In Daxing Village alone, there are nearly a dozen camping sites, making it the hottest emerging travel mode. The Su Mulin Bamboo Forest Paradise, dubbed the “Arashiyama of Taiwan,” is located in Daxing Village. Several local leisure companies have collaboratively launched a two-day package tour, inviting friends who love camping to inquire and sign up

  • Package Tour
    • Day 1: Su Mulin Observatory → Indigenous Ritual Cannon Firing → Itinerary Explanation → Free Exploration / Photography → Su Mulin Happy Vegetable Garden → Dinner → Entertainment Program → Free Activities
    • Day 2: Breakfast → Tribe Tour → Traditional Attire Experience → Sharing Feedback → Return
    Su Mulin Chuhuangkeng Mine
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