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Northern Miaoli Art Center

Northern Miaoli Art Center
Northern Miaoli Art Center

  To promote the balanced development of the entire Miaoli County region and create a cultural space that integrates fine arts with leisure, the Miaoli County Government has developed Northern Miaoli Art Center. The primary goal is to integrate the cultural resources of the Miaobei living circle, emphasizing the enhancement of local humanities and the artistic atmosphere. The center also focuses on showcasing local cultural characteristics on the international stage and introducing cross-strait and international artistic and cultural elements. The vision is to make Miaoli County a cultural hub. Northern Miaoli Art Center is a modern building with 5 above-ground floors and 2 underground levels, covering a total area of 0.9255 hectares. It is positioned as a “county-level” performance venue, featuring main spaces such as a performance hall (1,090 seats), experimental theater (200 seats), audio-visual center, outdoor performance area, and cultural exhibition space. Its functions are tailored for various uses, including domestic and international music, drama, dance performances, exhibitions, training sessions, and large-scale gatherings. Recognizing that artistic and cultural activities encompass not only visual and auditory performances but also the audience’s personal experiences and participation, the center plans to develop in line with three major visions: “Discovering Miaoli,” “Connecting Taiwan,” and “Attracting the World.” It has established four core values: “Professional Service,” “Enhancing Operations,” “Digital Intelligence,” and “Building the Venue’s Brand,” ensuring a systematic development strategy for Northern Miaoli Art Center’s operations.

  The overall architectural design of the center is based on the imagery of mountains and water. It uses clean lines to evoke the silhouette of mountains, while the glass openings at the bottom of the building and elements placed on the base evoke the pastoral imagery of the foot of the mountains. Through techniques such as inlaying, overlapping, enveloping, cantilevering, and cutting, the design aims to create a rich spatial dialogue between the architectural volume and the site environment.

  The center is a crucial venue for cultivating new artistic life, with the main goal of serving the local people in Miaobei initially, before gradually expanding to art enthusiasts throughout Miaoli and the entire country. Short-term goals involve planning regular art exhibitions and performances, combining local cultural development to enhance the cultural literacy of the public and build cultural roots. Long-term goals include integrating humanities and economic development, expanding the cultural and artistic industry, and fostering new artistic life. Through this process, it aims to revitalize local cultural, creative and tourism industries, adopting a systematic approach, for maximum effectiveness.

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