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Discovering Miaoli

Festival in Miaoli County
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  • Miaoli Pound dragon-The Lantern Festival celebration. The Pound dragon explosion 
    The mirth in every Taiwanese Lantern Festival, Northern Sky Lantern,Central Pound dragon and Southern Beehive Rocket proclaims the folk celebrations during the Lantern Festival in different parts of Taiwan. Pound dragon is a folk activity unique to the Hakka people. It is also a very important way to show and preserve Taiwanese Hakka Culture. 
    The dragon is made of paper and tied with firecrackers. The dragon carriers, naked from the waist up, are exposed to exploding firecrackers while they dance until the explosives are spent and the dragon is burnt. When people start to toss firecrackers at the dragon, the explosions and the gunpowder smell take everybody into an emotional high. It is said that the more firecrackers tossed at the dragon, the more business will come for the stores in future. Numerous dragon teams go back and forth on the streets making the Pound dragon activities the biggest attraction of the Lantern Festival at Miaoli City. 

    Tong blossom festival-A Romance in May / enjoying the lovely Tung oil blossoms 
    A fantastic dream seems to have come true when mountain trails are covered with white petals, and transformed into a snow-white blanket. The quiet paths appear to be endowed with a magic that leads to happiness. The tung oil blossoms over the hill appear to be dancing snowflakes, but a Tung oil flower falling into water resembles a fairy descending to the secular world. As the white figures of Tung oil flowers waltz on a serene lake or murmuring stream, they seem to try to repay the spring with a swan song without regret. 

    Sea fine time passage-The sea dances in waves on the golden seacoast 
    The sea,passing white clouds, deep blue waters, sunny days and love. The expanse of the summer night sky in the wake of the Seventh night of the Seventh Lunar mouth lnvokes romance water dance and fireworks captivate people. Smoke and fire and blossoming flowers make the night enhancing Miaoli. The charm of the fishing port and the embrace of the waves of the golden sea both invite you. 

    The skill of carving-Enjoys the log the fragrance 
    The carving a log, the artist breathes new life into the wood. On Shui-mai Street there is the fragrance of the wood, Invoking reveries in the remote mountains and ther forest. By the way, Sanyi also known as Taiwan Mist City in winter. You will smell the unforgettable fragrance of the wood in the air when you visit here. 

    Song and dance-Speech and song intertwine on the literary veranda 
    Artistic value lies in the change of which take on many forms and is different from person to person, the arts move, letting people surmount and satisfy desires, seeking to care other people’s true happiness. Art as the crystallization of human culture is one of life s centers of gravity and basis of education. The culture needs to penetrate the inheritance, and make it complete. Art it pursues new boundaries toward people’s innermost feelings. Its attraction lies in the person and communication. Miaoli has many kinds of tribal groups tribal art, with the bounty of the geographical environment, enhancing this land with the nurture of lush vegetation. 

    The Strawberry Hot Springs tour-A warm Feeling 
    Year’s end and the begin of the year are the coming of the Chinese lunar year in Taiwan are the times to enjoy the hot springs and pick strawberries. Picking strawberries, families are brought closer together. After an exhaustiong day of picking strawberries they can refresh themselves and cleanse themselves at a shooting hot spring. They can put away the pain and worries of the year. 

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