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Magistrate Policy Report on the 6th Regular Assembly of the 19th Miaoli County Council – Culture and Tourism Bureau

 Culture and tourism construction plays a major role in creating livable, tourist-friendly and healthy cities in Miaoli County. In the past 6 months, we have made the following progress regarding cultural and tourist affairs:


 First of all, regarding the promotion of the art and culture of wood carving, in response to the pandemic between April and September 2021, we have continued to promote various exhibitions online while museums were closed; the number of viewers and exceeded 100,000. Between April and September 2021, we also held six invitational exhibitions on the works of well-known woodcarvers and invited woodcarvers to take part in a total of 94 workshops. We also held a series of events such as the “Sanyi Wood Carving Traditional Craft Root Growing Project”, “International Wood Carving Art Exchange Exhibition”, “Taiwan International Wood Carving Contest and Exhibition”, and “2021 Asia Youth Wood Carving Training Camp”, which had a total of about 16,000 participants.


 Secondly, regarding the promotion of performing art events, venues under the administration of the Culture and Tourism Bureau, Maiobei Art Center, and township venues held a total of 25 visual art exhibitions and 42 performing art events, which enjoyed a total of 45,211 viewers.


 Regarding the promotion of local feature culture, Miaoli County won the first place for its outstanding performance in promoting the Hakka language as lingua franca from the Hakka Affairs Council in 2020, making Miaoli County the first place three years in a row. We also carried out the “2021 Hakka Song and Tea Picking Drama Promotion Project”, “2021 Hakka Language Deep Root Service Project”, “Hakka Round House Holiday Art Performances” and other events. We also assisted seven township offices, including Miaoli, Toufen, Touwu, Sanwan, Nanzhuang, Shitan and Dahu in receiving subsidies from the Hakka Affairs Council for holding folklore festivals and cultural events and value-added projects for industrial innovation to realize the Miaoli vision of “Hakka is Life. Life is Hakka.”


 Regarding the promotion of the culture and creative industry, in 2021, we subsidized three township offices and 14 community development associations in developing a community culture industry. We participated in the “2021 Creative Expo Taiwan” to establish an exhibition and sales platform for creative industry merchandise, subsidized the “Atayal People Outfit Contest” to promote the textile art of Indigenous peoples, and held the “Experience Camp for Junior Miaoli Pottery Museum Directors” and “Pottery Human Resource Workshop” to achieve the goal of establishing the foundation and sustainable development of Miaoli’s pottery art. Moreover, to promote Hakka cuisine, we also held the “2021 Authentic Hakka Cuisine of Miaoli – Culinary Experience & Marketing Promotion Project” to promote Hakka cuisine through thematical marketing, strengthen tourism focused on Miaoli Hakka cuisine, and achieve the combined innovation of Hakka culture and culinary experience.


 Regarding the promotion of cultural heritage preservation, Miaoli County announced the designation of one historical building this year and carried out two historical site & historical building renovation and design projects. As for the “First Phase Miaoli County Chuhuangkeng Mining Historical Site Regeneration Development Project”, we have completed most of the 14 agenda items and are seeking subsidies from the central government for the second phase project. We have completed the “Miaoli County Baisatun Gongtian Temple Religious Artifact Survey and Research Project” and “Miaoli County Shishan & Qianshan Region Religious Artifact Survey and Research Project” subsidized by the Ministry of Culture. We have also carried out a project to publish the works of Hsieh Hsien-kuei, a local Miaoli artist on traditional craft. We also sought subsidies from the central government and Taipower Company to carry out various projects such as the “Miaoli County Seed Instructor Training Project for Traditional Crafts”, “Survey, Research and Preservation Project for Sanyi Wood Carving, the Registered Traditional Craft of Miaoli County” and “Miaoli County Registered Oral History – Survey, Research and Preservation Project of Gaga, A Religious Group of the Atayal People in the Beishi Community of the Daping Tribe”.


 Regarding the promotion of tourist marketing, the “Tour Miaoli” Facebook fan page featuring the county’s mascot Maoli-Meow has reached 230,000 followers. We have also promoted the Nanzhuang Line Taiwan Trip tourism shuttle bus and encouraged domestic and overseas tourists to take it. From January 1 to July 31, 2021, a total of 15,265 people have taken this shuttle bus. We have promoted the “International Slow Fish Project” to connect industry and tourism in the four coastal townships of Miaoli with the expectation of gradually developing their coastal tourism feature.As for the “Taiwan Hot Spring Golden Fountain Award” hosted by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Miaoli County’s “Taian Hot Spring” won the Silver Award in the Golden Fountain Award Perfect Category out of 19 nationwide hot springs and won the Golden Award in the best value category.Moreover, in coordination with the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform, we held a joint marketing campaign for the “Year of Cycling Tourism” by integrating our tourist resources with those of six other counties and cities to promote local tourist resources, designing themed itineraries along with prize drawing activities to create topics and attract tourists to visit Central Taiwan.


 Finally, regarding the construction of cultural and tourist facilities, the Tourism Bureau authorized a NT$12 million subsidy for the “Tongxiao Township Sunset Boulevard Environment Construction Project”, and we have completed its contracting in September 2021. We have now completed the overall environment planning by surveying the surrounding transportation flow, regional economic development and recreational resources. We plan to add livelihood service facilities such as parking areas, restrooms and shops. The Tourism Bureau also authorized a NT$10 million subsidy for the “Taian Hot Spring Scenic Area Environment Construction Project”; the contracting was completed in May 2021, and its construction is estimated to be completed in November 2021. Moreover, to establish the “Taoyuan–Miaoli Coastal Line: Coastal Cultural Traveling Belt”, we filed three projects including the “Houlong Haifeng Scenic Corridor Service Facility Improvement Construction”, “Provincial Highway 61 Longfeng Traveler’s Post Improvement Construction” and “Sanyi Former Mountain Route Tourist Service Facility Improvement Construction” with the Tourism Bureau to seek a total of NT$96 million in subsidies from the “Establishing Charming Tourist Attractions: Regional Tourism Brand” project of the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Project. If this project is approved, it would be connected through railway and bikeway with the 17 km coastal line of Hsinchu and the former mountain route of Taichung. We have completed the second phase project of the “Hakka Literature Garden Project” and sought subsidies from the Hakka Affairs Council for two projects, the “Hakka Literature Garden Project (third phase)” and “Hakka Literature Garden Tourist Center Renovation Construction”. We received a total of NT$10 million in subsidies in May 2021, and contracting is estimated to be completed before November 2021. In the future, this region will serve multiple functions, including accommodation and recreation. We will actively seek civil participation and investment and develop local tourism to complete the project’s overall vision. To promote and activate idle lands owned by the county government, we have made the Houlong Coastal Recreational Area into the “Miaoli County Baibian Cinema City Culture Creative Park”. Its contract was signed on November 30, 2020, and the assessment of its construction proposal was completed in July 2021. As civil companies are entering the park to carry out successive constructions, trial operation of the park is estimated to kick off in 2023. In the future, the park will provide a venue for high quality culture and creative companies, outdoor recreational area, scenic boulevard, smart 3D themed pavilion, interactive education hall, versatile cinema halls and other facilities. It will greatly enhance the commercial development and quality of tourism of Miaoli County. As for rail bike operation, since its opening on July 1, 2019, it has attracted 400,000 visitors annually. Although it was impacted by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, it is still popular among tourists. Its civil operator continues to improve the place and strengthen staff training to improve services. With the aforementioned measures we have taken, we hope tourism in Miaoli County can achieve a new milestone.

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