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Historical Sites

* Temple to Erudition Deity, Miaoli
 Temple to Erudition Deity, Miaoli

  A three-in-one classical courtyard style architecture, Temple to Erudition Deity is situated in northwest, facing southeast, featuring screen wall, mountain gates on both sides, front yard, entrance hall, court yard, veranda, worship hall, and main hall. The screen walls aim to segregate Temple from the outside world. The ancient courtyard owes screens along street, forcing visitors to walk around the screen and then into the courtyard via the two mountainous gates on both sides, aiming to prevent outer disturbance and eliminate evil for residence. The screen walls are beautifully and distinctively decorated with clayed patterns of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, forming a special feature for Temple to Erudition Deity.

  The screen wall is a special independent wall in front of the gate of a courtyard house or inside the courtyard, an impressive structure in traditional Chinese architectures. It has the function of separating external and internal parts of the house, unable to be seen from the outside and allowing light reflection to illuminate the courtyard. It is a wood-and-stone structured architecture with delicate exquisite artwork.


County Designated Historic Site
No.756, Zhongzheng Rd., Lyumiao Village, Miaoli City
Approval Date:
August 19, 1985
Management in Charge:
Management Committee of Temple to Erudition Deity, Miaoli
Special Features:
Temple to Erudition Deity with Screen Walls
Close to Nanmiao Traditional Market with few parking spots during the day. Please park at the underground parking lot at Tatung Elementary School and walk for ten minutes.

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