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Historical Sites

* Shifendong Tea House, Dahu
 Shifendong Tea House, Dahu

  The materials of Shifendong Tea House came from a gigantic rock of founder Laiwan Liu’s garden. It was gradually dug and cut piece by piece by workers and then carried to the Gorge for construction. The main framework of the building comes in U shape, facing Miaoli County Road No. 60. The horseback mountain wall sealed to the house structure prevents rain and humidity. The two sets of stone windows in the back are symmetrical, effective for air circulation and eliminating the chance of getting spoiled or moldy inside the room. Most importantly, the tiles used at Shifendong Tea House were of fashion. Chenghuang Temple in Lugang renovated in 1923 also adopted many colorful tiles for renovation. The patterns of these two kinds of tiles share similarities, indicating that this group of tiles may have come from the same period, imported from Japan. The small mountainous tea house also follows the fashion, displaying the high expectation of the architect on this tea house.


County Designated Historic Site
Lot. No. 1337-96, Nanhu Section, Dahu Township
Approval Date:
May 16, 2001
Special Feature:
The Exclusive Historic Relic of Teahouse in Taiwan
County Road No. 60 is narrow and steep. Be careful in driving.

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