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Historical Sites

* Tomb of Jheng Chong-he
 Tomb of Jheng Chong-he

  Tomb of Zheng Chong-he features perfect form and graceful structure, known as the most well restored ancient tomb in Miaoli County. The deity stele in the entrance is rare in this country. It was specially given by the government for protecting their offspring. The tomb tablet, the core of the whole tomb, was made of three granites in a shape of Goddess of Mercy, a distinctive style from other tombs. In addition, the head of the stone tablet is three centimeters taller than the body of the tablet just as the eave of the ceiling, functioning to prevent direct flush of rain on the surface of the stone tablet from blurring the inscription or weathering.


National Designated Historic Site
Lot No. 155-1, Shihbankeng Section, Longkeng Village, Houlong
Approval Date:
August 19, 1985
Special Feature:
Well Preserved Qing Dynasty Official Tomb
Take Houlong Exit at National Highway 2, and then take Provincial Road 1 for 200 or 300 meters. Tomb of Zheng Chong-he is on the right.

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