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Historical Sites

* Ruins of Yutengping Bridge
 Ruins of Yutengping Bridge

  Originally, the Yutengping Bridge span, known as a Railroad Bridge composed of compound materials, was formed using bricked arch, and plated and hanging span made of steel. This construction was rarely seen in the past except for the similar bridge of Iron Bridge over Fengshan River. Due to the aggressive Westernization of the Japanese government, Old Yutengping Bridge employs Flemish bond of Holland’s stained bridge buttresses, alternately laying headers and stretchers in a single course and ending with 75 bricks around the corner. The arch of the bridge adopts stretchers, and the span uses headers; the next course is laid so that a header lies in the middle of the stretcher in the course below. A supplementary method to strengthen the bridge recommended by foreign technicians, the Flemish bond is often seen in Japanese Railroad construction, sort of an own kind of dilapidated architectural beauty fashion of that time.


County Designated Historic Site
Lot No. 401-1, Yutengping Section, Sanyi Township
Approval Date:
November 25, 2003
The ruins are restored with many epiphytes, difficult to observe her detailed construction
Special Feature:
The Excellent Art of Taiwan Railway and Railroad Architecture of the Japanese Meiji Era witnessed two Massive Earthquakes in the middle of Taiwan.
The historic remains of broken bridge are restored. The construction isn’t well prepared. No entry is allowed to the lower part of the bridge columns for safety reasons.

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