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Historical Sites

* Arch of Virtue and Piety for Madame Lai
 Arch of Virtue and Piety for Madame Lai

  Arch of Virtue and Piety for Madame Lai is an honorific arch, a very distinctive honorific architecture in the traditional Chinese society. Arch of Virtue and Piety for Madame Lai is an antique arch with four pillars and three openings. The primary construction materials rely on granite and sandstone in a similar wooden style, horizontal beam and vertical pillar fastened with a wooden mortise joint, providing support for the roof and tablets. More significantly, there is no cap block on the roof of the pillar, but with carving cap blocks on both sides of middle eave and distinctive curly lines on the beam heads of middle and lower eaves. In the middle of the upper eave on the top layer of beams is decorated with gourds, signaling fortune and prosperity. The beasts of dragon head and fish body are juxtaposed placed on two ends. It is said that these sea tortoise beasts are known for their habit of devouring fire and wind, with functions of praying for rain and eliminating fire. The stone lions on both sides of middle and lower eaves function for purposes of decoration and eliminating evils. Beneath the upper eave is the inscription of the imperial order, surrounded with three dragons on both sides and upper level, symbolizing three dragons protecting the imperial order and displaying its magnificence of Emperor and the honor of the recipient.


County Designated Historic Site
Lot No. 767-17, Miaoli Section, Fusingshan, Datong Village, Miaoli City (next to Boys’ Scout Playground of Maoli Mountain Park)
Approval Date:
August 19, 1985
From Miaoli City to County Road and turn to Zhongzhen Road toward the right side of Maoli Mountain. There are two Steles Honoring Chaste and Filial Piety built during the Japanese Meiji Era. The honorees are anonymous and often ignored.

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