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Historical Sites

* Shengsing Train Station
 Shengsing Train Station

  Shengsing Train Station was first built as a shabby station house, and then renovated to a wooden station house, merely constructed with pine wood from Fuzhou. Her Japanese styled station features tenon and mortise jointed beams that do not need any nailing, with jagged edges on eaves and decorated with Eight Diagrams and Spears on the pillars. According to the descriptions of old local people, Shengsing Train Station features sharp ceiling, jagged edge eaves, and pillars decorated with Eight Diagrams and Spears, related to Fengshui legend.

  Shengsing Train Station is located in the Mountain Line of Guandao Mountain, surrounded with nine mountains. Allegedly, there was a mountain tiger living there to protect the forest and consequently known as the Tiger Cave in Fengshui. In order to preserve the spirit and eliminate evils, the Japanese took the advice of Fengshui master and designed Shengsing Train Station accordingly. It is said that the Fengshui structure employs the powerful spirit of weapons to preclude tiger honor.


County Designated Historic Site
No. 89, Shengsing Village, Sanyi Township
Approval Date:
August 16, 1999
Special Features:
It is the highest elevation of Taiwan Railway Wooden Station in the Old Mountain Line
Difficult to park nearby on weekends and holidays. It is recommended to take Sanyi Tourist Shuttle Bus.

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