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Historical Sites

* Cai Residence of Fangli
 Cai Residence of Fangli

  Built in 1897, Cai Residence of Fangli looks like an array of six houses from a street-facing entrance hall, interlinking the left and right wings with the four-courtyard at the back of the traditional Chinese architecture. The dual entrance divides the inner court for residential use and the outer court for commercial use, with an exquisite traditional flair. The most distinctive feature appears on the line-pattern decorations of the main hall and the outer wall, signifying safety and fortune, fused in artistic value. The interlocking wooden brackets and other wooden architecture carvings display trendiest characteristics of traditional Chinese architectural structure.


County Designated Historic Site
Approval Date:
September 17, 2002
Approval Issue No.:
Management in Charge:
No 40, 16th Neighborhood, Fangli Village, Yuanli
Restoration Area:
The architectural area composes of 752.23 square meter and the restoration area covers 3810.78 square meter.
Reason for historic relic:
The Cai Residence of Fangli had witnessed the prosperity of craft commercial activities of Fangli Township in the past, embracing local characteristics and folklore artistic features. As the representative evidence in the past, it possesses sustainable potentials and historical architecture value.

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