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Historical Sites

* Ciyu Temple, Zhonggang
 Ciyu Temple, Zhonggang

  Despite numerous renovations, Jhonggang Ciyu Temple still houses innumerable precious and traditional construction styles in the front hall, main hall, and veranda. The obvious differences on both sides of the front hall with regards to their architectural details resulted from disputes between two craft masters. The contrasting evidences of the two craft masters are clearly stated as follows:

  1. The stone carving walls on both sides of middle gate: The left wing is octagonal shape whereas the right wing is rectangular..
  2. The wretches between beams: The ones on the left are lions and elephants, and the right ones are elephants and lions.
  3. The golden pillar on the left has a round pillar head whereas the golden pillar on the right has a square pillar head.
  4. The couplets on the pillar are carved with a Western floral pattern frame on the left and carved with a double-bat pattern on the right.
  5. The lion stand that is situated in the front porch sports wavy whiskers on the left and curly whiskers on the right.
  6. The gable corner wall is decorated with a sea tortoise blowing grass and holds a round-shape container on the left, while the right side has a sea tortoise holds a Chinese flowering crab-apple shape container.

  This is a perfect example as described in the Chinese proverb of “Unintentionally inserting into the willow tree, and the willow tree will create shade.” The unsymmetrical designs highlight the distinctive architectural characteristics of the Zhonggang Ciyu Temple.


County Designated Historic Site
No. 7, Minsheng Road, Zhongmei Village, Zhunan
Approval Date:
August 19, 1985
Special Features:
One of the “three Matsu temples” in Taiwan, attracting lots of fans
Few parking spots around Ciyu Temple

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