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Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
Cultural Development
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Exhibitions & Performances

* 2009 Miaoli International Music Festival
 Music Festival Playbill
  • rhythm-and-blues singer Brian McKnight
  • popular pianist Maksim Mrvica
  • world-famous tenor Placido Domingo

  A series of star-studded events, including world-famous tenor José Carreras and Irish Riverdance that Miaoli County Government began holding in 2008 drew a record number of visitors, making the area one of the few success stories in a slumping global economy. The tale of Miaoli’s tourism drive shows how entrepreneurial officials and creative marketing can spark a county’s rebirth. This is going to be the trend for the future global development, also a mutual goal and perspective of culture tourism industry vigorously promoted by the government and the locals.

  Riding on its successes in 2008, Miaoli County Government expanded the scope of these cultural activities into an annual festival in 2009. The 2009 Miaoli International Music Festival, held March 19 to 21, featured rhythm-and-blues singer Brian McKnight’s diamond lyric concert, popular pianist Maksim Mrvica fusing classical and pop music, as well as the world-famous tenor Placido Domingo, renowned for his classical Renaissance characteristics. These international events drew fans and locals at home and abroad to appreciate the beautiful scenery along with intriguing music, allowing the artistic flair witnessing the extraordinary delicacy of life. Performing arts in different style has upgraded Miaoli, and we hope to continue providing a grand spectacular artistic arena via the brand new style for the locals and friends far away, fully realizing the goal of “Happily Living in Mountainous Township and Energetically Empowering Miaoli.” Lightening up a city and marketing it internationally aim to push Miaoli in fusion of rich culture and beautiful scenery to a greater world stage. This series of international performances integrating pop and classical elements will certainly rekindle in a sense of pride among the audiences, marking a memory chapter in life. Friends and acquaintances are welcome to visit our mountainous scenery and enjoy your stay in the friendly Miaoli.


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