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Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
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This website is designed according to the principles listed on "Website Accessibility Development Guidelines". The website can be divided into three parts:
1) Navigation and links, 2) Content and 3) Relevant information

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01. Cultural Development
 *1-1.Major Development
 *1-2.Tourism & Culture
 *1-3.Wood Carving
 *1-4.Exhibitions & Performances
 *1-5.Historical Sites
02. About the Bureau
 *2-1.About the Director
 *2-5.Contact Us
03. Tourist Information
 *3-1.Discovering Miaoli
 *3-2.Cultural Museums
 *3-3.Hakka Gourmet Food
04. News
05. Search
06. Links
 *6-1.Government Agency
 *6-2.Tourist Service
 *6-3.Cultural Units
07. Glossary
 *7-1.Departments and Organizations
 *7-2.Department Heads
 *7-3.Words Frequently Used
08. Site Map
 *8-1.Site Map
 *8-4.Government Website Open Information Announcement
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