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* 2015 Miaoli Folk Art Festival: Fall in Love and Have Fun with Miaoli

 The “2015 Miaoli Folk Art Festival” is kicking off! Let’s fall in love and have fun with the folk art of Miaoli! As for sedentary activities, not only will the most typical folk art masterpieces in Miaoli County be on display, such as “triangle rush weaving crafts, wooden sculptures, ceramic works, glass works, bamboo weaving crafts, tea art, Hakka indigo-dye products, and indigenous weaving crafts”, but also Hakka Three Tea (Lei Cha, literally “pounded tea”; Bitter Orange Tea; and Oriental Beauty Tea) DIY Activity will take place for visitors to experience the diversity and creativity of the traditional culture in Miaoli. Active activities involve performances of entertainment groups, a fashion show of triangle rush weaving crafts, street artists’ shows, a cultural and creative market sale and an artifact fair. Led by cute and lovely mascots, visitors can have a full experience of the folk art of Miaoli. We welcome you and your family to come here to join the grand folk art festival!

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