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* Wuhan Folk Culture Festival

   The 2013 Wuhan Folk Culture Festival was co-organized by the Wuhan City Cross-strait Exchange Promotion Association, the Wuhan Museum of Art and the Miaoli Culture Foundation from May 28th to 30th. An opening ceremony was put in place on May 28th 9 am at the First Exhibition Room of the International Culture and Tourism Bureau. People were welcomed to participate.

   In his opening remarks, the Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Ruan Cheng-fa, said that both Wuhan and Miaoli had a rich cultural heritage, and that the aspiration to form closer cultural ties was shared by people of both sides. In recent years, Wuhan has participated in a lot of cultural and educational exchanges with Miaoli. Many folk art performers from Wuhan performed in Miaoli and amazed the local people with Han opera, Chu opera, acrobatics and high dragon dances. In Wuhan, there is even a “Miaoli Road” to commemorate the friendship of the two cities. It is hoped that through the folk culture festival, the two sides may further develop a stronger tie that enables economic, technological and cultural exchanges in the future to preserve the Chinese culture and foster its innovation.

   The Magistrate of Miaoli, Liu Zheng-hong, said that Wuhan had been known as the “Thoroughfare to Nine Provinces,” thanks to its advantageous location at the intersection of Yangzi River and Han River, making it an important transport hub even in early days. Today, it is also the largest industrial and commercial center in central China. Because of its long history of development, the city has accumulated a lot of cultural assets, which are rich as they are precious. This year, the folk culture festival showcased the long-performed folk art to the people in Miaoli. It was truly an eye-opener for the people in Miaoli to get to know the traditional culture of Wuhan. Additionally, it was also a wonderful opportunity for Miaoli to introduce its unique artistic style to the guests coming from afar. It is hoped that, through a better understanding of each other, the two cities may build a solid friendship that will pave way for bilateral artistic and cultural exchanges in the future.

   During the three-day event, more than 300 pieces of art work, including the non-substantive cultural heritage of wood carving, embroidery, molded dough figurine (made by one of the eight genius artists in Wuhan), pulp painting of Mr. Mei Jiang-xin, also one of the eight prominent Wuhan artists, and the stone painting documented in the Guinness World Records, were shown to the public. Eight Wuhan artists and craftsmen also worked on different pieces at the venue and were happy to interact with visiting spectators. The festival was indeed a feast of art and culture, and people were strongly encouraged to immerse themselves in the attractive Wuhan folk culture during the event.

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