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* Miaoli County Buskers Certification Carnival
Miaoli County Government International Culture and Tourism Bureau hosted the “Miaoli County Buskers Certification Carnival” at the Hakka Compound in Tongluo Township on Aug. 26, 2012 (Sun.), drawing duskers from around Taiwan to compete with each other in Miaoli. The buskers taking part in certification, either individuals or groups, were divided into 277 teams. They received three sessions of judgement by 7 referees before the list of first Miaoli Couty buskers officially came out.
Finally, 208 of 277 teams passed certification, reaching an acceptance rate of 70.6%, showing that the participants, whether they were individuals or groups, have high level of virtuosity. They were consequently highly praised by both referees and the audience. Of the 208 teams that passed certification, 164 were in the performance art category. This constituted the largest number. This was followed by 26 teams in the creative craft category, and 18 in visual art. Though this was the first time that Miaoli held the buskers certification, 108 teams from Miaoli County, either individuals or groups, participated and, out of them, 82 ones were certified, while those from other counties and cities totaled 126 teams. The list of those certified has been announced on the Bureau’s website, as has the news about the venues where the buskers will perform in the future.
The buskers certification carnival held by the Bureau was more than successful. In addition, after the carnival, Miaoli County Magistrate Liu Cheng-Hung stated that, not only could the citizens appreciate the buskers’ fascinating performances at various tourist spots all over Miaoli, but busker evaluations and selections should also be held more frequently in order to find more excellent local talent. This would be good for future artistic and cultural promotion. Other than that, Miaoli’s tourism is expected to be galvanized accordingly so that more people will come see its scenery.
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