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* 2012 Miaoli Hakka Tung Blossom Wedding: That Year, the Wedlock under the Tree
During the turn of spring and summer, Tung Blossoms boast their beauty on the branches, rendering the world as breathtaking as the white snow in winter. The theme for the 7th Hakka Tung Blossom Wedding organized by Miaoli county government this year is “Love Bond in Hakka, Wedlock in Tung blossoms.” In keeping with the 101st Year of the Republic of China, a total of 101 couples were invited to gather at the Yung Blossom Park in Tongluo Township on May 5. In the presence of the Tung Blossoms-covered mountain and their family members, relatives and friends, they promised to stay together for life.
In April and May, the warm mountain city of Miaoli is miraculously covered with snow. It’s not real snow, but the pure white Tung Blossoms. This corresponds exactly with the marriage vow that a couple makes to support each other till they have white hair. The press conference for this group wedding event was held by inviting the famous TV travel program host Xin Xie to introduce the “Hakka traditional wedding ceremony” and “Tung Blossom” events, as well as to promote “tourist spots in Miaoli for taking wedding photographs and honeymooning.” In addition, Miaoli County Magistrate Cheng-Hung Liu, honorary guests, and gift-providing businesses co-hosted the opening ceremony for the “Love Bond in Hakka, Wedlock in Tung blossoms” wedding event and announced the information regarding both the wedding registration and the six gifts for the newlyweds, hoping that the betrothed couples nationwide would come to Miaoli to join the most romantic wedding ceremony in Taiwan against the backdrop of white Tung Blossom trees.
This year Miaoli county government offered six wedding gifts, including one “Sweet Love Silk Quilt,” one “May Snow Tung Blossom Ceramic Cup Set (two cups in),” one “Miaoli Lake View Hotel Coupon (one lake ride and two meals included),” one “Oriental Beauty Tea Leaf Box,” one “Tung Blossom Apron,” and ten “Miaoli Hakka Wedding Pastry Boxes.” All the gifts are special products of Miaoli which are filled with the importance and creativity of Hakka culture. Besides the delicate Tung Blossom patterns painted on the cups, the “May Snow Tung Blossom Ceramic Cup Set” is also carved with the names of the newlyweds so that each couple can have their own unique cup set and be reminded of the attentive consideration of the county government. The cups also symbolize the solid love between husband and wife and fully embody the “neck breaking” spirit that characterizes the Hakka people.
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