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* “2012 Touring the Mountain City in Spring: Opera Craze” Art and Travel in Miaoli
Based on the theme “touring the mountain city in spring” and the concept “art without borders,” the Miaoli county government organized performances and invited world-renowned art and culture groups from Korea, Belgium, Japan, and Taiwan, in order to allow tourists to take in fantastic shows while visiting Miaoli in spring.
The “Touring the Mountain City in Spring: Opera Craze” activity series consisted of five themes: cultural and creative industries, cross-disciplinary, folk songs, music composition, and idols, with the first presenting two performances and the others presenting one. The cultural and creative industry theme featured the Korean culturally representative “Korea Jump Show.” The cross-disciplinary performance was amazingly carried out with the lineup of Belgian pianist Jean-Francois Majean, Taiwanese diva Tiger Huang, rising star Yoga Lin, and boy band Lollipop F. The folk song theme marked a Taiwan-Japan ballad concert by Japanese singer Kousuke Atari and the lead actor from the movie Cape No. 7 Van Fan. The concert focusing on music composition was graced by the three colossuses in mandarin pop music Emil Wakin Chau, Richie Jen, Pin-Yuan Huang, while super idols joining this event included mandarin pop diva Jolin Tsai as well as other noted artists such as Anthony Neely, Alan Ko, Evan Yo, and SIGMA (band). The performances were presented one after another in April and May, bringing the audience on an unprecedented artistic and cultural journey.
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