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* Miaoli Old Mountain Line Railway Re-commissioned
Listed by the Council for Cultural Affairs as one of the candidates in Taiwan for World Cultural Heritage, the Miaoli Old Mountain Line Railway is not only the sole well-preserved railway cultural heritage in Taiwan but is also the tourist resort in Miaoli best known across the world. It is a must-visit for the tourists who set foot in Miaoli for the first time. Starting from the Sanyi Station, the railway boasts the Shengxing Station, which is the “highest” train station in Taiwan with an altitude of 402.326 meters, and the historic site, Yutengping Broken Bridge, which was built during the Japanese occupation, and is praised as “the pinnacle of Taiwan’s railway art.” Along the line of the railway, tourists will pass seven tunnels and three iron bridges against the backdrop of picturesque scenery. The train will pass through the Da-an River before it arrives at its final station, the Old Tai-an Station, in Taichung. With all of these features, it is so far the most naturally and culturally rich railway in Taiwan.

 “Miaoli Old Mountain Line Railway Re-commissioned” is one of the flagship projects of Miaoli County Government. This year, in conjunction with the railway cultural festival, the project greatly enhanced the tourism and brought in commercial profits in Sanyi, Dahu, Tongxiao, Zhuolan, Tai-an, Tongluo and Gongguan in Miaoli, as well as Houli in Taichung, attesting to its contribution to tourism prosperity. Railway fans can also get a free travel guide at the travel information centers throughout Miaoli or at the railway stations. A two-day-one-night tour is available in Miaoli, with the railway as the backbone for the itinerary.

 Chen Hsing-yu, the Director of the International Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County, stated that the railway would be re-commissioned between October 15th and December 31st with the approval of Taiwan Railways Administration. Ticket booking has been made available. Miaoli County Government, Taiwan Railways Administration and Sanyi Township Office sincerely hope that railway fans all over Taiwan can make use of the ticketing system to experience the charm of the railway. They also remind all the tourists of travel safety while having fun on this railway tour.
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