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* Take pistil/stamen as our Home and we are going to have a wedding decorated with Tung Blossoms

  Venue: Tung Blossom Garden, Tung-luo Township, Miaoli County 

  May is the wedding season and white Tung Blossoms are often used for decorations. In the 100th year of the Republic of China, 100 pairs of newlyweds will get married under the Tung Blossoms. As a result, this group wedding ceremony will make the Tung Blossoms become the symbol of local culture.

  This year, the wedding ceremony of the Tung Blossoms is the 6th ceremony in Miaoli, and the County has become a lovely locale for newlyweds to have their honeymoon. More newlyweds would love to take their vows under the Tung Blossoms as witness of their marriage.

  Six wedding presents will be given to the newlyweds by the Miaoli County Government, including: coupons to stay at the spring hotel or famous hostel for one night and two meals; necklace; bracelet; belt to carry baby; rice; silk bedcover; and wine made of preserved petals of sweet osmanthus. In particular, each newlywed will receive 20 boxes of wedding cakes which are a local specialty so that they can share their joy with family members and friends.

  Famous bands will be invited to perform romantic songs and a cappella music is specially arranged for the newlyweds. A holy and beautiful wedding ceremony in a Hakka atmosphere will be enjoyed by all.
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