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* The 2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival

  The 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held at the Zhunan-Toufen Sports Park, Miaoli County. The featured lantern is called, “Yu-Tu-Cheng-Xiang (The Auspicious Rabbit)” by Prof. Tseng Yong-Yih of Shih Hsin University. The design is based on Taiwan’s wild hare, the Formosan Hare, and integrates art, fashion, creativity, and culture in order to convey the image of an auspicious rabbit bringing blessings to people alongside the advent of the promising spring.

  The main lantern is 20.5 meters high and weighs 30 tons. The Auspicious Rabbit wears a wireless earphone, a vest, and holds a Chinese gold ingot, symbolizing an abundance of wealth and blessings for the people and the nation. The logo “Republic of China, 100 Years of Heyday” is engraved on the ingot in celebration of Taiwan’s 100th anniversary as well as in praise of its brilliant history and the camaraderie of the people. The lighting effect integrates modern technology with traditional culture. The innovative craft used in lighting design is used to make a one-of-a-kind lantern; besides the holographic lighting effect developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the lantern also responds to worldwide eco and carbon reduction campaigns by using a high-tech energy-efficient LED light source. This giant lantern thus stands out as the world’s first LED and digitally-controlled art lantern. Also in honor of Taiwan’s 100th birthday, the hand-carried lantern is called “Sky-flying Little Rabbit”, a cartoon-style rabbit that wears goggles, flowery dress, and a five-color parachute, with butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and lady bugs as decorations; such cute elements aim to fully exhibit the vibrant and agile characteristics of rabbits. The crisscross paper cutting technique is a flexible lantern handle. The lantern is not only a lantern, but it can also serve as a cute hanging decoration like wind bells.

  The lighting ceremony of the 2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival is scheduled for 19:00, Feb. 17 (Thursday). The event will be being held until 22:30, Feb. 28 (Monday). A light show will be presented every half an hour during the period. For this event, the Miaoli county government plans a seamless travel package with preferential pricing and tickets. Visitors from home and abroad can take a shuttle bus to the festival site in all of the 18 townships of the county and therefore can tour the county during the day and watch the lantern shows in the night. The festival site is about 800 meters away from the Zhunan Train Station. Besides a minor lantern at the plaza in front of the station, the tourism bureau has also set up lighting decorations along the way to the festival site, making Miaoli’s night even more dazzling with the dance of gorgeous lights. We hereby invite everyone from around Taiwan to the site by mass transportation to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

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