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Wood Carving

* Change and Growth
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  From the original wood hibachi made from wood mortar and copper sheet, to simple fruit plate, flower bed and chairs to vivid eagles for American soldiers. Wood carving in Sanyi has evolved. Craftsmen in Sanyi specialized in carving eagles because most American soldiers love to bring wooden eagles home for their family as it symbolize the United States of America. The Japanese love tigers, so craftsmen in Sanyi were also known for their wooden tigers which were usually sold to Japan.

  The reputation of Sanyi gradually changed the landscape of wood carving industry in Taiwan because more and more experienced craftsmen were attracted to Sanyi from Hsinchu, Chiayi, Taipei, Tongsiao, Dajia and Fongyuan. Apart from their original techniques, these craftsmen learnt new skills created in Sanyi and created their own style. The world famous artist Ju Ming created the famous Taichi Series by using the cutting technique, a technique he developed after learning how to carve traditional religious statutes and regular statutes and learning new skills in Sanyi.

  Wood carving in Sanyi created an artistic miracle from 1950 to 2000. From original, simple, totemic and technologic crafts to delicate, vivid and abstract artwork, Sanyi is connected to the art community in the world. Thanks to the abundant forest resources and the efforts of the wood carvers, Sanyi was able to overcome many difficulties. Of course, one should not forget the assistance and funding from the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, which were the key factor for the establishment of Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum.

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