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Hakka Gourmet Food

Preserved Food
  In the past, Hakka people were often forced to migrate due to wars and other reasons and therefore, it was also quite difficult for them to purchase food in the mountain area. Over time, the Hakka people started to “dry” and “pickle” their food to preserve it. For instance, Chinese radish, monochoria, Chinese mustard, and bamboo shoots were common agricultural products that were dried and preserved for later use. Hakka people were also known for their “pickled foods”, such as pickled mustard, pickled monochoria, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled wax gourd, and pickled turnip.
Big stem mustard   Dried bamboo shoots  Dried Chinese radish
 Big stem mustard  Dried bamboo shoots
Dried Chinese radish 
 Pickled bean curd  Pickled-pork Red-yeas 
Pickled bean curd
 Pickled-pork  Red-yeas
  Hakka people usually make all kinds of rice cakes called “ban” for Chinese New Year or various other celebrations. Rice cakes are important for the Hakka people and Hakka rice dishes are known for their excellent taste and texture. In recent years, Hakka people have added new elements to their traditional rice dishes and have combined rice cakes with taro, sweet potato, pork, lotus root, and pumpkin. Traditionally, Hakka rice dishes are made to be preserved for a long time, thus, no artificial additives are added to the dishes. In today’s society, these Hakka rice dishes with low fat, low salt and low sugar content are great for our health. When people taste the rice dishes of the Hakka people, they will be able to see that traditional Hakka people have done an excellent job of preserving their food.
Brown sugar cake  Faban  Layered sticky cake 
Brown sugar cake 
Layered sticky cake 
 Rice cake with red bean  Rice cake with taro Sticky Rice Balls 
 Rice cake with red bean  Rice cake with taro
Sticky Rice Balls 
  “Salty”, “fatty”, and “aromatic” were the three main characteristics of traditional Hakka cuisine, while Chinese mustard and Chinese radish were two indispensable characters in traditional Hakka dishes. Even when young people had to leave town for a long time, they would bring some of these unforgettable dishes along. At present, the so-called “Chinese mustard culture” composed of pickled vegetables, monochoria, and pickled mustard has brought many mouth-watering delicacies, such as pork tripe with preserved vegetables, fermented mustard with pork soup, pork tripe with preserved vegetable soup, duck with preserved vegetable soup, and pork with preserved vegetables. Apart from preserved vegetables, preserved Chinese radish is often used to be stewed with pork strips and chicken, to produce excellent tastes. It can also be used when making rice cake or dried Chinese radish.
  Many Hakka restaurants feature Hakka stir-fried dishes, Hakka stewed pork, stewed pork with soy sauce as well as various dishes with pork tripe, such as stir-fried pork intestines with shredded ginger, stir-fried sausages with shredded ginger, and stir-fried duck blood with leeks. All these dishes tell the story and the culture of the Hakka people.
 Chopped boiled chicken Hakka pork knuckles   Hakka style stir-fry
 Chopped boiled chicken
Hakka pork knuckles 
Hakka style stir-fry 
 Hakka-style tofu  Stewed pork with soy sauc Stewed pork 
 Hakka-style tofu  Stewed pork with soy sauc
Stewed pork 


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