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Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
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Cultural Museums

 Cultural Affairs Bureau of Miaoli County
 Dahu Strawberry Cultural Zone

  Miaoli county, where people lead a simple and plain life and the industrial development is slowly-paced, is rich in natural resources. Various ethnic groups have been drawn here to cultivate the land, leaving bountiful treasures of diverse cultures.

  Miaoli is originally known as “Miyori”, which was translated directly from the way it sounds in the language of the indigenous coastal tribe, Tao Kas. The other names include Bahli or Maoli, meaning “the plain”. These names all refer to a district of the Tao Kas tribe.

  After two to three centuries of cultivation and development, the indigenous people and the early Han settlers have left many industrial and cultural legacies here. You can search for the cultural treasures of Miyori by visiting the local culture museums scattered around the County. There are artifacts to appreciate, shows to watch, exhibitions to admire. This is a journey of leisure and information which enriches your life.

  There are twenty-three culture museums in Miaoli: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Miaoli County、The Museum of Wood Sculpture in Miaoli County、Shengsing Train Station (Old Mountain Shih Liou Fen Museum)、Saisiyat Folk Museum、Miaoli City Art and Cultural Center, Citizen's Plaza, and Triangle Park、Jhunan Performance Hall、Sun Yatsen Hall and Chiang Kaishek Hall in Toufen、Leisure Center of Tongsiao Township、Zhaolan Art and Cultural Center、Dahu Fu-sing Luo Memorial Hall、Art and Culture Museum of Jhuoliou Wu、The Cultural House of Shihtan Township、Dahu Strawberry Cultural Zone、Wuanli Bricks and Tiles Museum、Huataoyao Botanical Garden, Ceramic Studio & Wood Kilns、Cyperaceae Culture Museum、Miaoli Ceramic Museum、Wood Charcoal Museum in Valley Park Resort、Huang-mu Art Center、Shanbanciao Facial Mask Culture Museum、Plum Flower Garden of Beard Li、Yuanli Rice Culture Park and Shihtan Village Historic Museum. We would guide you to the culture museums as well as the scenic spots of community empowering programs.

  We also give you a detailed list of addresses, telephone numbers, transportation instructions, service provided, things that you should note, and admission policies for your reference.

 Dahu Strawberry Cultural Zone
Huataoyao Botanical Garden
 Dahu Strawberry Cultural Zone
Saisiyat Folk Museum
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