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Cultural Development
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Major Development

Guidelines for Development in 2009 by the International Colture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County
1. To develop local literature and to improve library management, the government is determined to:
  • diversify the collection in public libraries to meet different needs.
  • assist the operation of local public libraries in a sustainable manner.
  • improve information services of public libraries with a well-constructed, user-friendly search network.
  • organize educational activities in public libraries and encourage lifelong learning.
  • foster young talents in local literature
2. To upgrade wood-carving creation and to promote local special colture, the government takes the responsibility to:
  • hold 2009 Sanyi International Wood-carving Festival
  • organize domestic and international wood-carving workshops.
  • organize the exhibition for International Wood-carving Festival to facilitate international exchange.
  • organize the exhibition for the winning works in the wood-carving competition during the festival.
  • assist individual exhibitions of contemporary artists and joint exhibitions organized by Sanyi Wood-carving Association, Taiwan Wood-carving Association and Taichung City Scolpture Association.
  • organize a tour exhibition on selected wood-carving works in the “mobile museum”, the special exhibitions in the terminal of Taoyuan International Airport and in the exhibition hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • invite famous wood-carving craftsmen to demonstrate wood-carving live and to give an introduction on the appreciation of the works.
  • build up a list of contemporary craftsmen and publish materials about individual and special-featured exhibitions and the winning works in the competition.
3. To coltivate aesthetics in daily lives, the government aspires to encourage art performances and exhibitions by:
  • Organizing tour performances for artists.
  • Facilitating international exchange and bringing local artists to the international stage
  • Encouraging new talents to join traditional opera performances.
  • Training new performance groups (e.g. bands).
  • Promoting Hakka folksongs and colture
  • Organizing the 2009 Miaoli Grand Exhibition, including 1. an art competition on the theme of “the Essential Miaoli,” 2. a tour exhibition of local artists to other counties, 3. an exhibition relay sponsored by local artist associations, 4. a joint exhibition of guest artists and 5. a publication covering all the related events.
  • Examining and assisting the set-up of public art decorations in local government agencies and public schools.
  • Recruiting volunteers to help implement these plans.
4. To develop community colture, the government aspires to:
  • assist and sponsor promotional activities in collaboration with other organizations according to local customs.
  • organize all sorts of seminars and workshops and publish “Miaoli Colture Express” for the promotion.
  • draft out new construction plans for local communities to encourage community improvement.
  • construct a local custom exhibition hall to integrate local coltural resources.
  • organize activities to preserve and encourage innovation in traditional handcrafts.
  • hold promotional and sales expos on Miaoli special food.
  • sponsor and organize important coltural events and festivals.
5. To preserve and pass down coltural heritage, the government is devoted to:
  • the discovery, preservation and reuse of coltural assets, such as ancient architectures, relics, customs and traditional art.
  • the categorization of pervious researches on local history and the publication of related materials.
  • the registration, preservation and education work on local dialects and traditional crafts.
  • the organization or sponsorship on activities, including seminars and academic conferences that encourage coltural exchanges with home and abroad.
  • the set-up of a website and a digital information database to showcase the features of all ethnic groups in Miaoli County.
6. To promote and market tourism in Miaoli, the government will:
  • work on the discovery, development and management of local resorts and the related resources.
  • supervise the operation of local scenic areas, amusement parks and bathing beaches.
  • publish more promotion pamphlets for tourists’ reference.
  • recruit and train local tour guides to provide comprehensive services to visitors.
  • release announcements on the investment and construction plan of Hoolong Seaside Resort to encourage participation from the private sector.
  • organize activities to promote development of tourism in Miaoli.
  • establish tourist information center to provide convenient and usefol services.
  • license the exploitation, management and business operation on local hot spring.
  • promote recreation industry and draft out a plan to build up an colturally-enriching environment.
7. To effectively manage the operation of local accommodations, the government actively engages in:
  • the registration and relicensing of hotels and B&Bs.
  • regolar check on local accommodations to maintain high quality services.
  • works that ensure public safety.
  • fostering a better connection with the hotel union to promote government policies in the hope of maintaining high quality services and raising awareness on public safety.
  • the promotion of legal and good accommodations and the establishment of a set of standardized criteria for assessment.
  • enhancing coordination among all competent agencies.
  • the licensing of exploitation, management and business operation on local hot spring.
8. To enhance the quality of tourism, the government will invest more on:
  • the maintenance of the public facilities in local scenic areas and resorts
  • the set-up of hot spring pipelines and related outdoor facilities
  • the construction of a tourist information website and the set-up of tourist road signs and billboards
  • the public facilities in local scenic areas and resorts.
  • the construction of MiaoBei Auditorium
  • the construction of a bridge across Ming-Te Reservoir
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